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15 Cute Love Paragraphs for Your Girlfriend

Simply copy and paste these sweet loves paragraphs for your girlfriend on her Facebook timeline, text her or simply paste your favorite paragraph on her birthday card. Half the joy of giving is the prospect that the gift is received well, though the outpouring of love cannot depend on that prospect. A giver's love is made complete when the gift is received with gladness, solidifying the gift's original purpose. Such is love's triumph. If the gift is ignored, such is love's tragedy, though the giver's love remains legitimate. If not received, the gift is only a one-sided gesture of love, leaving the purpose of the gift unfulfilled: leaving the bond of love undone, and thus, love itself incomplete or 'tragic'. How can a man be loved completely unless he let himself be loved? How can a man's salvation be established except he let himself be saved? Love is always extended with the freedom of choice: to be received or not to be received. It's that risk a
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100 Cute Whatsapp Love Status for Him

Choose a cute or bit funny love quote as a Whatsapp status for your boyfriend or husband today. These statuses are not suitable for strict and serious girls. When I first joined Whatsapp I thought the idea was to have your real life friends as friends on Whatsapp. That was a long time ago. Now my Whatsapp account got filled up with 500 people.  We read love quotes everywhere on the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Whatsapp but we also need sometimes something cute as our status on Facebook or Whatsapp. These are the cutest Whatsapp love statuses for your boyfriend. 100 Love Whatsapp Statuses for Boyfriend I am not normal, I don't try to be, I am me, no excuses, no regrets, inexplicable me, and proud of my uniqueness. Some may see him as conceived and that's okay because I know the difference...He is not considered he is convinced and that's one of the things I love about him. I have never felt as comfortable and safe with anyone like I do with you. I have never exp

I Love You and Thank You Letter to Your Boyfriend

There could be several cute things to write to your boyfriend in a thank you love letter. Every girl has her own chemistry with her boyfriend and possibilities of thank you list could be endless. The following example of a letter is written in a general way, you may edit it according to the nature of your relationship with your boyfriend or husband or you may send it as it is on his birthday or on your anniversary. So many people have been blowing up social media about how much they hate love letters. Well, I personally love the idea of writing a love letter! But, if you're not sharing it with the right person, the person who treats you like a queen every single day, then there is no point in writing it. I'll pass on the free food and gifts from scrubs. My dad has set the highest standard for how I should be treated in the way he treats his Queen and me. Single people girls, don't settle for temporary pleasure. They may be easy on the eyes, but they are hard on the hea

Cute Good Morning Love Quotes For Him

You must add some beautiful good morning images with your morning texts to your boyfriend or girlfriend but if you want to share these quotes on your Whatsapp or Facebook status, you can do it with a single click. Cute good morning texts Cute good morning texts for him! Good morning. I pray that God's favor falls on you today and that you continue to be blessed beyond measure. Say good morning to someone and send some words of encouragement their way today and every day. Pray for those who have wronged you or hurt you in any way, pray for God to move in someone's life, pray for God to heal those who are hurting and watch doors open and blessings flow in your life. Happy Thursday! A good day wouldn't be a good day if they happened every day because a good day that happened every day would be a regular day. That is why we sometimes have bad that we can recognize and appreciate when we have good days. I can't wait for the day that we realize t

Cute Broken Heart Poems for Guys

Sometimes an ex-girl or very close female friends of broken guys need a heart touching poetry to mend their hearts and this cute broken heart short poems may truly help you to help someone very special. One of the hardest parts of being a girl is when you are up to give it all and prove to him that you love him, and you end up listening to these ever heart-breaking lines; Sorry, we are too young and the worst, sorry, I don’t love you. Broken heart poems for guys! broken heart guys the poem My crush Listen to my crush without rush My heart is just like as a glass Inside and outside it is shine Hold it with a lot of care and love Don’t let it down but If it once broken Then it cannot be repaired again broken heart poems Meaning of Care Caring means giving Caring means love Caring means open your heart To the possibility of hurt Runaway from love Love can either lift you up Higher than the skies   It may put you ten feet into hell

Cute Love Quotes for Your Boyfriend For Facebook

Hi, girls are you looking for some cute love quotes for your boyfriend to say on the Facebook or Whatsapp status? Love is not a light switch it can’t be turned off and on. With loyalty as the head and the center of your relationship, you will never fall out of love because loyalty in love is everlasting it never ends. When you flick a light switch too often or too fast eventually the light bulb blows. You can weaken the love you have for someone when you allow your light to become dim. Keep your candle lit and your love will remain on fire. Cute love quotes Cute love quotes for your boyfriend! You can’t fall out of love with someone until you meet someone you love more. Every girl wants that guy who will make her smile but not makes her cry! Every girl wants to look up to that guy who respects every decision she makes without judging her! Every girl wants that guy won't flirt with other girls every girl want to look up to that guy who will never stop loving her in

Songs about Being Happy With Someone

Hopefully, you will love to share these short songs and poems about being happy with someone you love. Sometimes instead of always looking at what's the wrong part of everything, always concentrating on the bad. Look at the good of your life, your family, your kids, where you are in life! Wake up happy, do something different, look outside of the box, enjoy that you have your family to get you through everything. Know it could be worse, you are blessed! Go with that instead of complaining. Being Happy With Someone Songs! I am happy with you Grey Hair Woman! Grey hair on a woman is a sign of royalty It's majestic Glorious and sublime Her power dose not derive From her femininity But from the sanctity Of her womanliness The resplendence of her Queenly silver The rapture of her Regal shine Grey is nothing one ought to strive to hide For when you see her in the moonlight You can tell This woman is divine By: James Burden I am You